Elon Musk: “Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Happening!!”

Elon Musk: "Most People Don't Even Realize What's Happening!!"
In this exclusive interview from December, 2022 Elon Musk reveals some terrfiying details about what is happening.
What are they gonna do better than Tesla? Tesla didn't exist. There was no Tesla in the world 17 years ago. So that was the imperative and gave a runway to, to make a lot of mistakes and still make it work. What might go back to, yeah, I think just very important to emphasize here the, I think the jbi certainly I wouldn't, probably not, JB would've wanted to go through the extreme pain of creating electric and electric car company if the traditional automakers were going to make an electric car, make electric.
And it's just an important thing for the world that needs to happen to move to a sustainable technology future. And but if at the time that we created Tesla the, there were no startups doing electric cars and the the big car companies had really no electric car programs going.
And the few tiny electric car programs they had going, they were shutting down. So therefore, unless we tried to create an electric car, there was not one going to be created. It's not from the standpoint of thinking, Hey here's a super lucrative idea. Let's make, start a car company. The history of car company startups is horrific.
The and They've almost all gone bankrupt. It's an incredibly big grave rock, great graveyard of car startups that all died. You've only heard of a tiny number of them, the Tuckers and DeLorean of the world. But there are hundreds of others that people didn't hear about.
And at this point in the United States, the only two American card companies that have not gone bankrupt are Ford and Tesla. And Tesla went back, almost went bankrupt so many times I lost count. So basically it's a world of hurt to start a card company is Mega Payne. It is not easy money.
The is the furthest thing for easy money you could possibly imagine. And what I see with some of these new car companies is that they're jumping in at the deep end and trying to create a high volume vehicle that when they've never made a vehicle before. This is not practicing your athletic sport and then Jo going to the Olympics.
This is an important point that will be discussed at the end of this video. You're not going to win. This is crazy. You really need to start out small, making mistakes at a small scale. Make sure you've got a lot of reserve capital and then gradually build up from the dumb things that you do at the beginning and be less dumb over time.
Otherwise what will happen is vast losses of money. The car industry is very competitive. It's the opposite of a natural monopoly. Have sort of natural monopolies in things like social media or say Google search. But a card companies are naturally un not monopolies.
They're hyper-competitive. And they're used to being hyper-competitive. Throughout the world. They have entrenched customers, dealers, service factories existing expertise. These are veteran armies, like in, in fortresses. . So it's it's, yeah, it's extremely difficult.
Now you happen to mention in that answer the word social media, which brings us very neatly onto the question of Twitter. So JB I'm gonna say thank you so much. That was fascinating brief history there of Tesla and the early years and the mistakes that you made. So thank you very much for being with us on stage.

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