Elon Musk Just Revealed Terrifying Warning in Exclusive Interview

Elon Musk Just Revealed Terrifying Warning in Exclusive Interview
In this full length interview from December 12th, 2022 Elon Musk reveals some terrifying details about what is coming.
Elon Musk, great to see you. How are you? Good. Help us try to picture what it would take to build a future that's worth getting excited about. You've often said it. Sure. The last time you spoke at Ted, you said that was really just a big driver. It's, you talk about lots of other reasons to do the, what you're doing, but fundamentally you want to think about the future and not think that it sucks
Yeah, absolutely. I think in general there's a lot of discussion of this problem with that problem and a lot of people are sad about the future and that they're Pessimistic. And I think this is this is not great. We really want to wake up in the morning and look forward to the future.
We wanna be excited about what's gonna happen. And and life cannot simply be about solving one miserable problem after another. So if you look forward 30 years, this year twen, the year 2050 has been labeled by scientists. There's this kind of, almost like this doomsday deadline on climate.
There's a consensus of scientists that, large consensus of scientists who believe that if we haven't completely eliminated greenhouse gases or offset them completely by 2050, effectively we're inviting climate catastrophe. Do you believe there is a pathway to avoid that catastrophe? And what would it look like?
Yeah. Yeah. I am not one of the new state people, which makes price. I actually think we're on a good path. I, but at the same time I want to caution against complacency. So long as we are not complacent, as long as we are, have a highest sense of urgency about moving towards a sustainable energy economy, then I think things will be fine.
So I can't emphasize that enough. As long as we push hard and are not complacent the future's gonna be great. Don't worry about it. Worry about it. But if you worry about it, ironically, it will be a self unfulfilling prophecy. So there, there are three elements to a sustainable energy future.
One is obviously sustainable energy generation which is primarily wind and solar. There's also hydro geothermal I'm actually pro-nuclear. I think nuclear's fine. And but it's gonna be primarily solar and wind as the the primary generators of energy.
The second part is you need batteries to store the solar and wind energy because the sun doesn't shine all the time. The wind doesn't blow all the time. So you need a lot of stationary battery packs. And then you need electric. So electric cars, electric planes, boats. And then ultimately you, it's not really possible to make electric rockets, but you can make the propellant use in, in, in rockets using sustainable energy, right?
Ultimately we can have a fully sustainable energy, e, e economy. And and it's those three things, solar, wind stationary, battery pack, electric vehicles. So then what are the limiting factors on progress? The limiting factor really will be battery cell production.
So that's the, that's gonna, that's gonna really be the fundamental rate driver. And then whatever the slowest element of the whole ba lithium line battery cells supply chain from mining and the many steps of refining to ultimately creating a battery cell and putting it into a pack, that will be the limiting factor on progress towards sustainability.
Alright, so we need to talk more about batteries cuz the key thing that I want to understand, like there seems to be a scaling issue here that is. Amazing and alarming. You have said that you have calculated that the amount of battery production that the world needs for sustainability is 300 t hours of batteries.

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