Elon Musk just did something insane..

Elon Musk just did something insane..
On Monday, SpaceX performed a "wet dress rehearsal" for the 395-foot-tall rocket and accompanying vessel at its Starbase facility in south Texas. This was the first time the missile and its companion craft had been entirely fueled and stacked.
Although Musk has hinted that it would launch for the first time "soon," this test is unquestionably a positive step in the right direction.
But because the billionaire is known for setting unrealistic goals, Starship's preparation for its first launch has taken months.
The Super Heavy first stage and Starship upper stage of the rocket, which SpaceX put up on Starbase's orbital launch pad earlier this month, needed to be filled with liquid oxygen and liquid methane fuel. NASASpaceflight.com broadcast the extensive test live online, and Rocket Ranch Boca Chica, whose footage is seen below, recorded this action.
"Today at Starbase, Starship finished its first full wet dress rehearsal that replicated a flight. More than 10 million pounds of propellant were fully loaded onto an integrated ship and booster for the first time "Monday night, SpaceX said through Twitter.
The business noted in another tweet that "today's experiment will help validate a full launch countdown sequence, as well as the operation of Starship and the orbiting pad for flight-like operations."
This Starship vehicle, which consists of the Ship 24 upper-stage variation and the Booster 7 Super Heavy prototype, is still on schedule for an orbital test flight thanks to the success of Monday's wet dress rehearsal.
According to Musk, the mission, which would fly Ship 24 around the planet once before splashing down in the Pacific Ocean close to Hawai'i, may take out from Starbase as early as next month.
To do that, SpaceX must still fulfil a few prerequisites. For instance, the business will de-stack Starship to concurrently test-fire all 33 Raptor engines on Booster 7. Only 14 of SpaceX's Raptors were used in the most potent "static fire" test the rocket has undergone thus far.

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