Elon Musk: “I Am Afraid To Tell You This.. I Can’t Help”

Elon Musk: "I Am Afraid To Tell You This.. I Can't Help"
In this full length interview from December 20th, 2022 Elon Musk reveals some terrifying information about what is coming in 2023.
What do you think's the biggest threat to mankind right now? I'd say the biggest threat right now is population collapse. The super low birth rate. Really? Yeah. Over like nuclear war. Natural. You said birth, don't we have an overpopulation problem? No, we have an under population problem. Really? Yeah. Why?
Why do you feel that? So this is the most commonly misunderstood situation. Yeah. They definitely push that we have a over population. Yeah. Why is that? No, we, I don't know. It's just I think it's like this is a holdover from I don't know, the seventies or something, so there was a huge baby boom, like where people did have a ton of kids after World War ii, but then the US has actually been, The growth rate in the US has been below replacement rate since 71 or 72 in the US 50 years.
How below, below replacement rate. I know us, but how about other countries? Like China's got a huge population collapse problem. Really? Yeah. China. China, you actually get penalized if you have one. More than one kid. No, serious. Are you being serious? Cut that off? No. See, this is so part of it is just like we're operating on things that were true in the past but are no longer true.
So China did have a one child policy, but like about 10 years ago, they changed it to a two child policy, and then a few years ago they changed it to a three child policy and both rate kept plummeting the whole. That lowest birth rate ever last year. Really? Yeah. Child's birth rate right now is 40% below replacement.
Wow. Traditional women. I don't want I, one can speculate us to the reasons, but, and there's no ho like Andrew Tate was last week, bro. I know. It's true, bro. Like what you said about birth, I, they're out there. See that? Wow. That is a very common misconception. I would've never, it's a very common misconception.
What we face is population. Huh? Collapse. Like people have no idea how fast the population's gonna collapse. What we turn, Japan is pretty far along than that. Like Japan actually lost like 600 thou went down by 600,000 people last year. J the Japanese are not in the bedroom at all. Then , it would seem, not seem, it would seem not.
What about the us? We got an increase, right? Yeah. What I'm saying is the US has been below replacement rate for 50. The only reason that's, so the population increased like yearly, you're saying Since the seventies? Yeah, since the early seventies. Since 71, 72. So why are we spewed with all this BS that Yale we're overpopulating but the population's growing, right?
No, it's not. So the should say the like lifespan is increasing. , people are living. . That's the only reason why the population of earth isn't plummeting, but it will plummet. Just one thing to metric to track is the ratio of adult diapers to baby diapers.
Like at what point does a country have more adult diapers than baby diapers? and like Japan went past that point over 10 years ago, I believe. Whoa. What do you think happens in like the future then? What's your kind of thought on that? I think people really, we've gotta turn this around. We gotta have at least replacement rate, if not more on the baby front.
And by the way, these, this is, these are not matters that are subjective. You can just literally look at the both, right? Yeah. It's it's an objective number. Like how many kids, babies were born. It's like a, they recorded this information, and so you're saying people need to be having more kids?
Yeah. I. I'm sure you know a lot of people who have no kids. Like how many kids do you guys have? I don't know. I got no kids. That we know of. None of you guys have, what the fuck, ? I'm 28, but I'm 20. I can 20 is reasonable. Yeah. Yeah, that's fair. I've been thinking of that. I'm trying to get a baby mama soon, but yeah, and I just got married last month.

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