Educators, Don’t Give Up! MASS Impact | Episode 15

You Owe You New York Times Best Seller

What Up, What Up, What Up!!! It's your boy ET, here with the squad to inspire teachers, administrators, mentors, parents, and leaders across education to make a MASSIVE IMPACT!

In this episode, we continue our discussion around ET's BRAND NEW BOOK: YOU OWE YOU – and how this book will impact classrooms and communities everywhere. But now we're talking about the exciting news … THE BOOK BECAME A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER IN THE FIRST WEEK!

If you've followed along with ET, you know this was a goal of his. But this book was YEARS in the making. He's here to encourage educators today not to give up when the going gets hard…to KEEP DREAMING and working hard until you get the results you are hoping for! Our students and communities need you to STAY IN IT! And we're cheering you on!

Whether you're a classroom teacher, a community mentor, or an administrator, you're making MASS Impact, and we're running alongside you!

Get your pen & pad, and get ready for class! Together, we’re going to make the rest of your career the best of your career.

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