Don’t Overcome Your Perfectionism! Why Your High Standards Make You A Star

Perfectionism: is it your Achilles’ heel or your superpower? Click play to find out.

In this #MarieTV, you’ll discover the five types of perfectionists — and how each type can be most successful — with Katherine Morgan Schafler, former on-site therapist at Google and author of “The Perfectionist's Guide to Losing Control.”

Watch now to learn how to embrace your perfectionist tendencies to succeed *without* sacrificing your sanity.

13:40 — The 5 types of perfectionists.
19:35 — The truth about perfectionism that no one told you — until now.
25:47 — How to balance your infinite potential and your human limitations.
29:30 — The dangerous misconception about “being present.”
31:56 — When to keep pushing and when to surrender.
33:54 — The dirtiest word in wellness.

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