Find below 32 Checklists that you can easily follow to create your own awesome looking graphics using a free cloud-based software (works both on Mac and PC)

Checklist 6.1: Create A Canva Account
Checklist 6.2: VideoNavigate Canva Dashboard Types
Checklist 6.3: Create Your Canva Profile
Checklist 6.4: Canva Design Tools
Checklist 6.5: Layouts & Grids
Checklist 6.6: Canva Frames
Checklist 6.7: Canva Shapes And Lines
Checklist 6.8: Canva Illustrations And Icons
Checklist 6.9: Canva Charts
Checklist 6.10: I Love Canva
Checklist 6.11: Canva Text New
Checklist 6.12: Canva Font Combinations
Checklist 6.13: Canva Image Editor
Checklist 6.14: Canva Colour Palette
Checklist 6.15: Canva Continue Saved Design
Checklist 6.16: Canva Pinterest Post
Checklist 6.17: Canva Twitter Post
Checklist 6.18: Facebook Quote Post
Checklist 6.19: Instagram Post Connect With Emotions
Checklist 6.20: Presentations Powerpoint or Videos
Checklist 6.21: Downloading Your Designs
Checklist 6.22: Create A Magazine Using Canva
Checklist 6.23: Other Documents On Canva
Checklist 6.24: Create Kindle Cover Using Canva
Checklist 6.25: Canva Font Combinations
Checklist 6.26: Blogging & eBook Section
Checklist 6.27: Flyers & Brochures
Checklist 6.28: Menus Gift Certificates And Labels
Checklist 6.29: Logo Using Canva
Checklist 6.30: YouTube Art Using Canva
Checklist 6.31: Banners & Headers
Checklist 6.32: Presentations Powerpoint or Videos