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It’s time to fully unleash your intuition by understanding and embodying the science and art of awakening. We all have the capacity to live fully tapped into higher states of consciousness where we can access so much inspiration, creativity and energy that is uniquely available to each one of us. Once we connect the dots between the nervous system, the brain, the mind, the gut and the energy field, we are able to wake up dormant parts of our brain and start using our pineal gland as a neurotransmitter of the highest frequencies available. Most people’s pineal gland has atrophied from disuse, laying dormant or has been calcified by the toxicity in our environment. When understanding how this is all related and we learn the tools on how to wake it up and enhance our pineal gland, we will be able to apply this philosophy in every area of our life with full clarity, receptivity and flow. The more we cultivate our inner power and we open up to our full capacity to embody the energy of life, the easier it is to tap into our gut feeling of what is the highest for us in every situation at any moment. The vision that awakens is just a reflection of this inner work that opens up all the doorways to success in every area of our life. Once you tap into your intuition, you embody deeper layers of your purpose and you start living in synchronicity, trusting and knowing that the universe is fully supporting you, your vision and mission.

It’s time to start living your best life ever and open up to the infinite possibilities constantly available to us.

About Juan Pablo Barahona

Juan Pablo Barahona (JuanPa) is a transformational leader, visionary, speaker, holistic yoga teacher, musician, healer and coach. As the founder and director of Kawoq Conscious Living School, he has created life-changing programs that he shares around the globe. These programs enable participants to realize their deepest potential and step into their inner wisdom and infinite power.

JuanPa has been teaching and igniting the world at major events and festivals: Awesomeness Fest, Bhakti Fest, Hanuman Festival, Wanderlust, Envision Festival, No Mind Festival, among others.

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