7 Rules to Make Consistent Money Through Real Estate Investment

Whether you have little or no capital, you can always do real estate investment with little or no money down.

In this powerful talk from Mindvalley University Tallinn, 2023, Alfio Bardolla shares 7 rules to make consistent profit from real estate, especially if you think you haven't got the money.

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About Alfio Bardolla
Alfio Bardolla is an entrepreneur, best-selling author of personal finance books and a financial coach. His 9 best-selling books which include Money Makes Happiness has sold over 350,000 copies.
He is the founder and master trainer of Alfio Bardolla Training Group SPA, which is the leading company in personal finance training in Europe.
In the last 20 years, Alfio Bardolla has founded 30 companies operating in various sectors in Italy and Europe, and his accumulated wealth is estimated at around 40 million US dollars.

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