6 Things to Remove from Your Diet to Skyrocket Your Energy

Sometimes it's easier to remove the bad stuff than add the good stuff. Here's how you can skyrocket your energy levels with minimal effort. In this science-packed talk from Mindvalley A-Fest Colombia, Dave Asprey, The Father of Biohacking, reveals 6 harmful things you should remove from your diet to maximize your energy levels, slow down aging, and prevent disease.

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About Dave Asprey, creator of Smarter not Harder
Dave Asprey is the founder of Bulletproof and Upgrade Labs and is widely known as the 'Father of Biohacking'.

He's a 4x New York Times bestselling science author and host of the Webby award-winning podcast, The Human Upgrade, and is regularly featured on The Today Show, CNN, The New York Times, and Dr. Oz, among others.

Over the last two decades, Dave worked with world-renowned doctors, researchers, scientists, and global mavericks to uncover the latest, most innovative methods to push the bounds of human possibility all in the name of science evolution and revolution.

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