4 Mindset Hacks that Leo Messi Used to Dream Big and Make It Happen

Ever felt like you are stuck in one place? Playing the safe game? Not anymore. World-class mindset coach Florencia Andrés takes the stage at A-Fest Colombia 2023 and shares 4 powerful steps to make your dreams a reality using the story of Leo Messi, one of the greatest professional sports stars of his generation.

Watch out for:
00:00 Intro
4:54 1. Have Big Dreams
11:49 2. Speak Big Words
18:02 Reality Check
19:19 Rehearse Your Future Self
20:13 3. Big Actions
29:47 4. Big Actions

In 2020, Florencia Andres and her mother Veronica became the first authors to host a Mindvalley Quest in their native Spanish, the quest 'Confianza Total' is now available for all Mindvalley Members.

Together with her mother, Florencia has published four books, all of which became bestsellers. They are Confianza Total, Todo es Posible, Confianza Total Para tus Hijos, and Renuévat have sold over half a million copies, leading to the pair becoming the first women in 40 years to win the "Gold Book Award."

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