2 Minutes Ago: Elon Musk Just Exposed China’s Terrifying Plan..

2 Minutes Ago: Elon Musk Just Exposed China's Terrifying Plan..
To compete with the US in the new era of space exploration, China wants to conduct three unmanned trips to the Moon over the next ten years.
According to Liu Jizhong, a China Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center representative, the state-run CCTV reported that China's National Space Administration, the country's equivalent of NASA, had been permitted to send three orbiters to the Moon as part of the Chang'e-5 lunar program.
The statement comes a day after China claimed to have found a brand-new lunar mineral using Chang'e-5 mission samples. Changesite-(Y), a phosphate mineral in the columnar crystal that China discovered on the Moon, was found in rock and soil samples it returned from the lunar surface in 2020.
According to the Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology, one of the primary institutions of China National Nuclear Corp., scientists meticulously isolated the mineral from more than 140,000-minute particles before analyzing it using a variety of cutting-edge mineralogical techniques. If the new mineral has qualities that can be utilized on Earth is yet unknown. The characteristics of phosphate, an element present on Earth and necessary for plant development, are yet unknown.
According to recent reports, China has made a groundbreaking discovery on the Moon, becoming only the third country after the United States and Russia to discover a new mineral. This new finding is significant as it is the sixth new organic formation to be recognized by humans since the Apollo 11 mission in 1969 when NASA first returned samples from the Moon.
This newly discovered mineral, which has been classified as lunar merrillite, is found in lunar rocks and meteorites. Specifically, it has been identified as Changesite-(Y), a lunar merrillite mineral. One of the notable elements present in this mineral is phosphorous, which is also found in phosphate. Phosphorous is a naturally occurring element that plays a crucial role in plant growth and development, accounting for approximately one-fourth of all the nutrients required for the growth and development of plants.
Overall, this discovery not only adds to our understanding of the Moon's geology and mineralogy but also has potential implications for future lunar exploration and resource utilization. It is a fascinating development in the field of lunar research and highlights the ongoing efforts of scientists and researchers to uncover the secrets of our celestial neighbor.

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